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Freelance Works

Store of the Future

Retail brick and mortar is not dead - it's simply adjusting adapting to the new technologies and automation.  Can you conceptualize how people shop in the near or far future?  What current trends can you pull from to inform the spatial design? This project glorifies the digital interface to create a sense of nostalgia in this futuristic time where holographic technology has become the norm.  By removing the product from the sales floor, retailers can utilize data gathered from online shopping habits to accurately allude to the specific shopper's "needs."

Oh Baby!

Frank: I'm having a baby shower and need a graphic for people to use as a background on Snapchat.  Can you create something for me?  Oh, and it has to look cartoon-like.

Me: Of course, I got you.  I'll create something from scratch.

Koi Garden

Mom has always loved her garden.  It was her sanctuary and a place of serenity all created by the family's very own hands.  What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to build an above-ground koi pond to add an element of running water with a school of Koi fish to an already lush backyard.

LBF Showroom

Support your Entrepreneur Friends.  Especially if their company produces high quality products at market prices.  The LBF gallery showcase was one of the earlier public events of the young company at the time.  A lot of people showed love that day.

Check them out:

THS Track & Field

My first Logo.  This was way before I knew what Photoshop was, or Adobe.  Did you mean Adobo? As an athlete with drawing skills it was only natural that the Coaches trusted me to help capture the essence of the Teaneck's Track and Field team in the form of a graphic.

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