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About Me

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Welcome! My name is Muhammad-Hakim Bin Azly. 

I come with an Architecture and Computer Science background and have spent the last decade or so merging Architecture with Built Technology. I've worn many hats including Store Designer, Standards Manager, General Contractor, BIM Modeler, and Technical Program Manager either as a People Manager or Individual Contributor. Below are some key highlights of my latest career progress thus far:

Just Walk Out (JWO) as a Service: At Amazon, I started as a BIM Manager on the Store Development team where I was responsible for simplifying the Designer’s workflow and integrate reliable data into the Design and Construction Documents (CDs) from Stakeholders such as Category Management, Facilities, Operations, Pre-Construction and Tech Launch. The overall result after two years is a reduction in external Consultant fees due to reduced time to execute CDs, reduced add-service and rework risks due to data consistency across design and CD sets between 3-4 external Consultants, reduced Designer headcount requirements due to improved span of control, improved time to launch projects and introduced facilities management data management tools and process used across change management programs and site maintenance and retrofits. After two years on the Business side, I was promoted to a Senior BIM Manager on the Tech side where my role was to build a team and develop automation tools to reduce time to install JWO tech and launch stores for our entire JWO portfolio where I was involved in every JWO project (planned and launched). I was responsible for site accuracy programs such as introducing point cloud scan to produce As-builts, Augmented Reality to project design models onto the built space for construction coordination, established/maintained JWO standards and guidance used by low voltage and subcontractors on-site (locally and globally), and developed the process to implement new hardware and software created by Tech Stakeholders across the Org.

Project Architect for Retail Rollouts and Global Workplace: Throughout my career, I mostly enjoyed project rollouts or tasks that allowed me to track improvements over time. I enjoyed my experience as the Project Architect for Retail banking clients such as Bank of America and Capital One during their NeX Café concept expansions and also for workplace projects such as Salesforce Towers in San Francisco and Amazon corporate offices throughout the Americas and EMEA. Working on projects that follow a series of design and execution guidelines has allowed me to improve on quality and efficiency in my own work through documentation, training, and standardization of tools. I bring over 7 years of technical construction documentation experience.

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